Kenda Small Block 8’s for the Hilly Billy Roubaix

Kenda Small Block 8’s have proven themselves to be as good as any, and better than most, for winter commuting (although stud-less). As a bonus, I feel I can cut through parks, go over gravel and even a wee bit off road using them.  They are 700×35 and can take some variety of terrain.

I have used them for the Paris to Ancaster and I will now be using them in the Hilly Billy Roubaix.

Wish I could squeek out something a bit wider.

Wish I could squeek out something a bit wider.


My friend gave me a set of Maxxis Cross Mark tires.
Alas, too wide.


The difference is pretty obvious.

I’ve read about other riders who use the Kenda’s so I think I’m in good company.  Otherwise, my physical fitness is ok, not great, but ok. I should be able to pull off 70+ miles. The weather once looked a threat but now seems to be clearing nicely. Should be a good day for 8 hours in the saddle!

photo 2


Slack Line at the University

The thing about lazy Sunday afternoon cycling is the serendipity.  I ran into three students slacklining when I cut through the campus at McMaster University today.  I asked if I could watch and they quite nicely invited me to try.


With a little help, it was pretty fun.  I’ll be buying one of these. And I think it will really help my back as a core kind-of exercise.