Read This First

It has taken half of my life to embrace some truths about myself.
One, I don’t like having a boss.
Two, I prefer a simple lifestyle.
Three, I value freedom and space in my life above most other things.
Four, I enjoy change.

I write about various manifestations of those four points, particularly as they apply to my passion for bicycles, entrepreneurship & simplicity.

This isn’t my first blog, but I have learned some things from previous efforts that I hope will make this fun for me and interesting for you.

upRouted means:
1. Unsettled. I have pulled up my roots many times in the past. Often this meant moving about the country but as I get older it manifests more as a frame of mind. I see this as a positive quality in myself, not a negative. I dream and I scheme.  I frequently assemble ideas that I seldom articulate.
2. Journey. I like to chronicle some of the interesting routes I take on my bicycle. Usually it’s year-round commuting, but occasionally it’s more.


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