Hilly Billy Roubaix – – report

This was a tough ride.

Voila_Capture14 2

I finished just over 50 miles of this 74 mile course (the red arrow).
Basically there were two types of terrain: Downhill and uphill. Downhill was typically covered with golf-ball sized gravel and full of hairpin turns. Constant focus required. By the time I was finished my forearms were killing me from the strain of riding my brakes.
Then there was uphill. There were about four, very long, sustained climbs. Additionally there were dozens of smaller climbs. By the time I was at mile 40 I had almost resolved to walk up every hill.

But a terrific time nonetheless.
One of the things that impressed me the most was the preponderance of riders using single-speeds. In fact, the winner was on a single speed. Incredible.

Ultimately the heat beat me down badly so when I flatted I was so disheartened that I could almost not bear the idea of changing the (rear) tire.


Before the race I was all “I’m coming for you hills-of-West-Virginia!”

Six hours and 30 minutes after the start gun I called it in.


Notice the rear flat. Still haven’t changed it. Maybe tonight.

I’ve now got my eye on something called the Iron Cross (September 29th). Gives me something to shoot for!


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