Vintage Rock Climbing Guides

I uncovered my old rock climbing guides in the basement while moving some boxes around. Perhaps they should make me feel old, but I’m not like that.

ImageThe “Guide to Bon Echo” is from 1990. Most climbs there are ~300′ and most require a canoe/boat start.

“Great Rock Hits of Hueco Tanks” is a first edition from 1992.

“The Escarpment” means the Niagara Escarpment. It’s very well used from back in the day, circa 1991 (also first ed.).

The “Orient Bay Ice Climbers Guide” was purely for interest. The only ice-climbing I ever did was when my cousin froze the side of his house. It worked ok too. Ice climbing…not really my thing.

“Hueco Tanks: a climber’s and boulderer’s guide” caught my attention.


Bouldering – to be able to bicycle up to a rock face, pull on the shoes and climb. No rope, no anchoring, no belay, no harness, plenty of challenge – that’s for me. Lots to discover in these parts before I need to head to Texas.


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