Buildering – Winona Elementary School

A few years ago when I began running I didn’t refer to my action as “running.” Because of my poor conditioning and lack of general physical fitness I referred to it as “shuffling.” I would say “Honey, I’m off for a shuffle” and my wife knew exactly what I meant.

Over time, the shuffle became a legitimate run, but the point is that I knew I had to start somewhere.

It’s been 16 years since I last participated in rock climbing but I have gotten an urge to try again. I know this means I won’t be at a high level and any allusion that I can start up right where I left off is just wrong.

I have been taking note of a few buildings I would like to climb (“buildering”) and made my first assault at my daughter’s school today.


We both really enjoyed it and I was glad that she didn’t want to leave but the fact is my fingers could not take it anymore. Even as I type this they still hurt a bit.  But its a start, a beginning, a necessary step.  I can see some rock shoes in my near future, and probably my daughter’s as well.



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