Begin at the Start – the post nobody reads

The worldwide web does not need another BLOG but I do.

I have been pondering the title of this site for a long while.  Over time, it will reveal its meaning more and more, but I really believe it captures something about me.  It’s not that I am so very interesting (you don’t even know me) but as with most BLOG’s it is a form of self-expression that I have embraced.


I appreciate that it succeeds in offering me flexibility to comment on a wide range of topics. It gives me permission to switch gears. I need to do that, to switch gears, from time to time.

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.”
Plato, The Republic

While I crave freedom from expectation, there’s no need to be pedantic.  If I use this space as an unfiltered area to say whatever is in my head then no one will read it.  At least, I wouldn’t.  So here’s what you can expect from upRouted:

I will write about bicycling (repair, trips, races, equipment, commuting).  Possibly other activities too, like canoeing and bouldering.

I will write about simple living (minimalism, sustainability, housing, cities).

I will write about being/becoming an entrepreneur (wisdom, strategies, attempts, failures, ideas).  I created this space as a format for a business I am developing.  When that happens you’ll be reading about it too.

I will occasionally include a category called “Things I Like” that will act as a catch-all across each of these subjects.

How about you?  Do you need to switch gears sometimes? How do you accomplish that in your life?


One thought on “Begin at the Start – the post nobody reads

  1. Hey, you’re wrong. Lousy way to start a reply, but what can I say, the WWW needs another blog, especially one like yours that sounds like it’s full of conviction. That is the beauty of personal blogging – it is void of the diluting filter of marketing managers. Personal conviction seeds and feeds most artists. When you experience a great work of art, that’s why. If it’s truthful, original (which will occur if it maintains that conviction) and well crafted (although with conviction, much is forgiven) you are contributing much. So bravo!

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